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Incredible Sunrise picture over choctawhatchee Bay

People always ask me each time we go out what I like about my job the most, it is this being able to see these incredible Sunrises first hand you can take a picture of them being there in person is the ultimate portrait only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can paint

Although this did turn out very well on the camera being here in person makes all the difference next time you're in Destin Florida and want to take incredible sunrise pictures like this call to book your next adventure and you could witness them with your own eyes like me and my clients do and also you will be in frame when the picture is taken that way you can prove to everybody back home it was you.

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This is my 2nd junior captain on the same trip both did really well obviously I could not let one drive without the other getting a turn.

This young man was on point and drove the boat a whole lot straighter than I did as you can see he had A ton of fun smile from ear to ear.

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